Sunday, November 1, 2009

Howdy all!! I discovered sleeping in a hammock early this year. I joined which is where I learned about the "whoopie sling" for hammock suspension. Ive since started making and selling this suspension method at reasonable prices.

I use Amsteel in 7/64 and right now I have blue, red, yellow, gray and black. This rope had a 1600# rated breaking strength. My stock length is 6', which gives you an adjustment range of 20" to 6' per sling. Slings are sold in pairs. There is a dead eye on one end which is the hammock and, and the adjustable loop is the other end and this get attached to your tree, stand, pole what-have you.

Current prices are:

6' slings are $17.55
8' slings are $20.25
10' slings are $22.95

These are for any color and shipped USPS.

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You can also visit my ebay store by going to

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  1. I also have grey. I missed that color in my post.