Friday, December 25, 2009

No Knot Tarp guylines

This is a new twist on a product already out there. The Tensioning feature of the Jacks R Better STL lines, but without the need for knots or hardware.

The No Knot Tarp/Tent Guyline.... Just larks head one end to your tarp or tent, and the other loop goes around your stake, rock, tree branch etc.

There are more pictures and a video you can view at

I am also working on a tarp ridgeline. This will include a length of rope, 20-25 feet long with loops sliced in either end. Attached to the line will be 2 prusik knots. These will be the attachment points for your tarp ridge line. This allows you to string up the ridge line and then hang your tarp either over the ridgeline or under it, center it over your hammock and then pull the prusik knots tight... Im hoping to have this added as a stand alone option and as a kit along with the No Knot Guylines.